VoIP via your Cellphone for Cheap International Calls with MobileTalk

MobileTalk_logo.gifIf you have ever made an international call on your cellphone you know that charges can be really high. It doesn’t take long to rack up a big bill when you are calling friends in China or Britain. Now VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) provider 8×8, also known as Packet8, has an application that allows you to call international over the Internet on your mobile phone.

There is no need to change your carrier if you want to utilize this new service MobileTalk from Packet8. All you need to do is download some software and your phone is able to handle all the dialing you used to have to do when making an overseas call. This application also eliminates the need to be near a WI-FI provider. The calls are made with VoIP quality, so if you don’t like that digital echo such calls can have, you may want to pay the higher fees. But with international calls there is no guarantee that sound quality will be good,
it all depends on the equipment being used between you and the person being called.

And speaking of fees, calling distant lands can be cheap. Calls can be made to China, the UK and Mexico for 3 cents a minute or less. Not bad if you are an international person of mystery on a budget. Packet8 costs $10.00 a month with a one time $10.00 activation fee. The service works on over 400 handsets and most carriers.