EA further rights its wrongs; free game for shafted Rock Band thrashers

eawithsanta_re.pngSo by now you must have heard of the promises from EA that due to extreme and innate fragility, Rock Band guitars that cease to work will be replaced free of charge. In these days of DRM, locked hardware, and, well, most of the other stuff EA does, this came as a nice little surprise. So it was doubly surprising when some poor, patient souls with yet-unreplaced busted axes received an apologetic e-mail stating “we see that your recent request for a replacement guitar has been subject to an unacceptably long delay” and promising a free EA game. They didn’t say which game (probably Barbie Horse Adventures) but hey. My goodness! What could have made the gaming giant turn into such a softie?

EA Handing Out Free Games For Rock Band Guitar Snafu [Kotaku]