Hey, kids! Increase your BitTorrent speed by 500% for $17!


I’m going to start a site that offers a 1000% increase in Internet speed by suggesting purchasers order a T1 line. Seriously. After all, you can make money by telling fools the obvious and charging them for it. Apparently there’s a site called HighSpeedTorrent that includes testimonials from kids who are able to download porn at blazing speeds after following “exact simple steps” which probably include opening a firewall port and sprinkling squirrel musk on your keyboard.

Friends, this information is free and everywhere. Don’t spend $17 on garbage advice. Heck, people even steal our advice and try to resell it. Keep your eyes open, kids.

Speed Up Your BitTorrent Transfers by 500%! Only on TorrentFreak! [TorrentFreak]