Gotuit Powering Video Search Only Ted Nugent Could Love

gotoit_logo.jpgGotuit made an “about face” when they ditched their online TV product (except for music videos) and refocused on powering video sites. Over the past year they’ve been striking deals to power video services for the likes of Sports Illustrated, EMI, Fox Reality, amongst others. Now they’re powering Extreme Outdoor TV network (XONTV), a web site dedicated to outdoor lifestyle videos.

Gotuit’s video suite lets lets XONTV deep tag key points in videos. These tags form part of the meta data Gotuit uses to index and search through movies, making it possible to easily re-order short clips of long videos on demand. In XONTV’s case, you can easily search all their full length hunting videos for instances of deer or pheasant. In the case of the NFL draft, you could pull all of an athlete’s key moves from game highlights. Other players are tackling the problem of in-video search as well. Everyzing and Blinkx process videos using speech and video analysis. Other services such as Veotag, Viddler, and MotionBox.