Orange boasts of "below 999 euro" unlocked iPhones

French iPhone fans can breathe easy: Orange will be selling the iPhone, unlocked, for considerably less than 999 euro but more than 500 euro.

The price will be about 500 euros, but “well below 1000 Euro”, said CEO Didier Lombard to the radio station Europe 1 In Deutschland bietet die Deutsche Telekom das Hype-Handy derzeit ohne Vertragsbindung für 999 Euro an. In Germany, Deutsche Telekom, the hype-Mobile currently without binding contract for 999 euros. In Verbindung mit einem Zweijahresvertrag kostet das iPhone in beiden Ländern 399 Euro. In connection with a two-year contract will cost the iPhone in the two countries 399 euros. Die France-Telecom-Mobilfunktochter Orange startet den Verkauf des iPhone in der Nacht zum Donnerstag. The France Telecom mobile subsidiary Orange started selling the iPhone in the night of Thursday.

Unlocked iFones from Orange cheaper than T-mo [CG]