Greenpeace says Nintendo kills puppies, kittens, orphans, baby aligators, saplings, pandas, and your mom


Not long ago we told you that all of your electronics will someday likely kill an asian person? Turns out there’s more you can do about it. Each year, Greenpeace (yes, that Greenpeace,) issues a Guide to Greener Electronics, a report card on who is and isn’t making their stuff responsibly.

They took Apple to task, as well as Dell and others. A year later, it looks like Sony-Ericsson is the overall huggy-feely winner, then Samsung, with Dell beating out Apple, and Microsoft doing poorly.

Interestingly, Nintendo’s first appearance on the list has them in dead last place, with a score of 0, or “We didn’t even try”. That means hold on to your Wii and never lose it. And dig up that Gameboy you planted, it won’t grow into an SNES, no matter what your jerk older brother said.

How the companies line up [hippies]