Rumor: Pentax upgrading DSLRs early next year

I was just getting used to my K100D Super and now I see rumors circulating that the K100D will soon be replaced with the K200D, which is rumored to up the feature set with the inclusion of:

* 10MP Sensor from Sony
* PRIME 12-bit Image Processor
* 3 FPS (10 Max RAW; Infinite JPEGs)
* Larger LCD (3 inch?)
* 11 AF Points

The K10D is also looking to be revamped with the K20D, which includes these new features:

* Pentax Proprietary 14MP CMOS Sensor
* 14 bit RAW A/D Processor
* 3″ Live View LCD
* Improved In-Body Shake Reduction
* Body Design Similar to K10D
* Significant Custom Functions (including AF trimming/programming for different lenses)
* PC Sync

The new DSLRs are set to be announced on January 24, 2008 if the rumors are true.

Chinese Forum [via Photography Bay]