Rumor: T-Mobile launching 3G on December 6?

Sometimes a rumor hits the Web and you get a little bit of “it’s about time” mixed with “what, already”? and you get confused and the drugs just don’t work anymore. Such a rumor is coming from the UK’s The Inquirer regarding T-Mobile’s sleepy 3G network in the USA.

T-Mo won the spectrum for such a network one million Internet years ago, but the government has been sitting on it. It may have stood up, as the rumor goes that T-Mobile will light-up the high-speed 3G loveline on December 6, a little less than two weeks from now.

A phone call by yours truly to my T-Mobile service rep, wherein I pretended to be thinking of switching to AT&T for the 3G speeds and the deal on the Blackjack II, got no confirmation. The rep I spoke with hadn’t heard anything, and even after asking her supervisors and checking a corporate bulletin board, she couldn’t give me any more information.

So, while we’d love to see the Mo’ step up, we’re not holding our breath till December 6.

T-Mobile goes 3G in USA [Inquirer, via Prepaid Reviews]