Wi-Fi causing autism?


According to a study by Dr. George Carlo in Australasian Journal of Clinical Environmental Medicine, the signals emitted by Wi-Fi routers cause metals to be trapped in brain cells, thereby accelerating the onset of autism. I’m not quite sure how Wi-Fi singnals are the significant culprits here — unless they have 50 kids in faraday cages with 802.11G routers strapped to their heads — but this finding is sure to make the rounds of the local evening news tonight (“Something in your living room may be giving your child autism — a Fox 5 Scranton special report tonight at eleven!”)

While this news is stirring around in the metals in your brain, also understand that Dr. Kenneth Foster, another researcher stated:

“Health agencies such as the World Health Organisation have repeatedly examined the scientific evidence and concluded that there is no convincing evidence for hazard from radiofrequency energy at levels below these international guidelines.”

Who are we to believe? Oh, God! Think of the children!

via Computer Weekly, but it’s down via Giz