Why I'd trade my vote for an iPod touch


About a week ago, Drudge ran a headline something to the effect of: SHOCK: NYU STUDENTS WOULD TRADE THEIR RIGHT TO VOTE FOR IPOD TOUCH. While I wasn’t part of the poll even though I’m in the journalism building pretty much all day (posting to CG, natch), I think it’s safe to say I’d give up my right to vote for an iPod touch.

Why, exactly? Because I’d get more out of an iPod touch than I would voting. Allow me to explain.

It comes down to this: my vote wouldn’t mean a damn thing. Take a look at this election snapshot from 2004.


I live in Dutchess County, NY; I’m only in the city for school. The county more than slightly leans Republican, so if I were to vote for a Democrat my vote would be pointless. Since we use a FPP system, the winning Republican gets all of the county’s votes. I might as well have stayed home.

Now let’s look at New York state.


Kerry won handily, with some 59 percent of the vote. So even if my vote counted at the county level, which it wouldn’t since I want a Dem in office, my vote wouldn’t be pivotal; it would just go into a giant pile of Kerry votes. Why leave the house and wait in a line in some dumb high school gym if I’m just adding to a gigantic pile of Kerry votes? I could be watching TV, playing WoW or screwing around with my iPod touch, as it were.

Never mind that I won’t even be voting this time around anyway because all the candidates, on both sides, are wishy-washy question-dodgers.

Now where’s my iPod?

Most at NYU say their vote has a price [Washington Square News/Politico]

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