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Google spending cash on 700MHz spectrum for sure, says WSJ


Google just seems to buy things the think they might need eventually. It’s like going to Costco: I’m sure I’ll eventually finish off a five-gallon bucket of maple syrup, so why not buy it now?

For non-chefs: Jennie-O turkies are cooked in a bag, no thawing required



a) I would never eat anything called a ‘Turducken’

b) I would never eat anything that is described as…

“a partially de-boned turkey stuffed with a de-boned duck, which itself is stuffed with a small de-boned chicken”


Cellphones can kill you

Alan Wilensky

We have people completely unplugged from their immediate environment because they are plugged into earbuds and BT headsets. I’m somewhat guilty of the later, but I try and stay aware.

A young woman almost toppled into the BART train the other day, if it had not been for a citizen with quick reflexes. She was bopping with her ipod, and slowly backing up towards the trench, and took almost one step too many, she actually stumbled and lost her balance as the train was beeping into Montgomery st. station. The hero caught her by the backpack strap, swung her around, and he got on the train.

She never took off her ear buds, and didn’t reach out to thank him – actually, she looked a little put out!