The Volitan Flying Fish: Badassery on the high seas


Taking a cue from airplanes and X-wing fighters, the Flying Fish is a new eco-friendly design for sailboats. It’s wind and solar powered, using its extendible solid sails to collect the rays as well as harness the wind. This dual-energy attack makes this super-fast, super-slick boat almost totally self-sufficient.

When I’m done taking over the world, this is the boat I’m going to cruise the seas with while running from those of you who have escaped the firing squads.

It might look a little fragile, but it’s made to work in winds up to 60 knots (that’s about 70mph to you and I), which would be a ton of fun to drive.

The Flying Fish [Yanko Design]

Word is the TIE Fighter model is due in ’08.