Walt Mossberg on how to buy a Mac


We love uncle Walt, but it’s no secret that he tends to look at PCs with a Windows viewpoint. In fact, he says himself that he tends to ingore the Mac OS in his WSJ articles. But today he’s published his “Mac FAQ”, which is a very basic buying guide for those thinking of making the switch, which, of course, you should.

It’s not the most thorough FAQ, but it’s not for you and I. It’s for our parents, ex-wives, soccer coaches, or parole officers looking at their first Mac, but aren’t that savvy. So if you know someone in this category, send them the link. There’s never been a more appealing time to switch, and this guide, while maybe not totally accurate (Entourage can indeed import Outlook mailboxes, and connect to Exchange servers, Walt), it’s a great place for our loved luddites to start.

Here’s a Mac FAQ If You’re Looking to Buy a Computer [WSJ]