Man sues Comcast over traffic shaping, seeks class action status


Yes! Take that, Comcast! A San Francisco man has filed sued against Comcast because of the alleged bandwidth shaping implemented by the company. If you recall, the AP carried out a whole investigation and discovered that Comcast indeed blocks certain traffic (mainly of the BitTorrent variety), upsetting end users left and right. Not only does they guy, one Jon Hart, want Comcast to stop slowing down his Internet connection, but he also wants it fined. Big Time. He’s demanding that the big C be fined $195,000 per subscriber affected by its traffic shaping. With 12.9 million subscribers, that could well balloon into a nice chunk of change should the lawsuit succeed.

If the suit gets class action status, I highly recommend getting in on the action. I want to see Comcast pay for preventing my friends from using BitTorrent.

Comcast Sued Over Web Interference [AP/Breitbart]