Amazon 'Customers Vote' deals are outstanding


How’d you like a Wii for $79? Unbelievable. See this is why you can’t get a Wii anywhere. Amazon’s been hoarding them all for this very event. Up for grabs is your choice of 1000 Wii consoles at $79 each, 1000 40GB PS3 consoles at $139 each, or 1000 Xbox 360 Arcade consoles at $99 each.

More scantily clad deals after the jump.


Panasonic DSLR for $499, Hi-Def camcorder for $299, or 7MP pocket camera for $74.


Blu-ray player or HD DVD player for $149 or TiVo HD for $89.


Pavilion notebook for $299, GPS system for $99, or useless diamond earrings for $499.


46-inch 1080p LCD TV for $719, useless mixer for $69, or Roomba for $69.    

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