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Verizon is bad at correctly quoting data rates

Rob the Drummer

DON’T get me started on Verizon. I have been waiting for 2 months now for my CSA to return an email about upgrading 40 wireless broadband cards. In fact 20 of them I am still paying an astronomical 75 a month for, even after 3 runs through the “system” to bring them down to the standard 60 a month which everyone in the free world (i.e., corporate slave) is paying.

Customer service with all mobile services suck sweaty truckerballs. They know they have you. You depend on Blackberry/Cell Broadband/Cell phone/etc. What incentive do they have to keep you? They can’t even compete in EU or JP. VZW is asshattery, sirs.


Microsoft, I totally get your Xbox 360 ads


Xbox 360 still owns the streets? Why can’t anyone find a Wii?



This proves Crunch Gear sucks.