China, having solved all other problems, lands cell tower for Mt. Everest


If you’ve been wanting to climb mount everest, but were afraid to be without your Blackberry for five days, China’s got your back. The great red burgeoning superpower’s largest cellphone provider has just installed cell towers to cover the mountain, all the way to the summit. Ostensibly this is to ensure coverage for the 2008 Olympic’s torch relay, as the torch’s path takes it up the mountain.

While we understand the significance of the event — having the torch at the roof of the world sounds awesome — don’t you think China’s got some other things it should focus on first? Like ending censorship, atoning for human rights abuses, making sure our Optimus Prime toys don’t have dangerous levels of lead — that kind of thing?

But what do I know? This isn’t a political blog. No, we’re about gadgets, so I grudgingly must say to China: awesome job, dudes. And that “Can you hear me now?” guy can suck it.

China Mobile sets up on Everest