Alltel Wireless to Launch Parental Controls Application

alltel21.jpgAlltel Wireless has partnered up with Bytemobile to create the Alltel Parental Controls application, which will be available free of charge beginning in February 2008. This application will allow parents to filter inappropriate sites that may contain pornography, gambling, weapons or violence. This service will be available to both pre-paid and post-paid accounts.

“Through our relationship with Bytemobile, Alltel Wireless strives to provide our customers with the tools required to control what websites are accessible from their mobile device,” said Scott Moody, director of multi-media content for Alltel Wireless. “With Alltel Parental Controls, parents can block much of the harmful material found on the Internet from ever reaching any phone on their account.”

Rulespace will provide the content filtering database. This will allow Alltel Parental Control to remain informed of newly discovered, unrated and mixed-content sites. The service’s real-time capabilities allow for instant site ratings and the ability to selectively screen different pieces of content on the same web page.

“Bytemobile understands the importance of this service, and we are working closely with Alltel Wireless to deliver a socially responsible service that will allow parents to feel confident regarding their child’s mobile internet usage,” said Marty Smuin, vice president and general manager, Americas, at Bytemobile. “The service, with its comprehensive database, allows for a high level of content filtering, and we are dedicated to making the user experience as safe and rewarding as possible.”