New Mobile Video Advertising Platform from MoPhap and Vantrix

MoPhap, a mobile ad serving company, and Vantrix, a company which works with mobile video, announced the launch of a new mobile video ad insertion platform. The best of MoPhap’s SparkMobile ad serving and campaign management tools are combined with Vantrix’s Ad Booster advertising insertion and optimization platform. This partnership allows content providers to insert highly targeted ads in real time within streaming and downloadable mobile video content. Delivery is optimized based on the capabilities of each user’s phone.

To focus where ads are delivered, MoPhap and Vantrix will target wireless users with video ads based on behavioral and psychographic information compiled by MoPhap. Vantrix will gather information on device, carrier and network characteristics.

“Earlier this year, we partnered with Vantrix to deliver optimized display ads on mobile phones,” said Bob Walczak, founder and CEO of MoPhap. “The natural next step for us is mobile video advertising. Using MoPhap’s proprietary server-side cookie technology, MoPhap can target ads more effectively for its mobile video advertisers both contextually and behaviorally. With Vantrix, we can now stitch ads to video content in real time, which provides enormous value to our content provider and advertiser partners.”

Daniel Torras, VP Marketing & Product Strategy of Vantrix, estimates that the global mobile advertising market will grow ten-fold in the next four years to exceed $10 billion. Advertising publishers will be looking for new ways to target certain populations with ads that aren’t only specific in content, but also specific to the type of handset the ad is being sent. MoPhap and Vantrix may have what those advertising dollars are looking for.