Internet guru: iPhone is 'small, always mobile computer'


Any News Radio fans out there?

Remember the last episode of the first season? It’s called Sweeps Week and it’s the one where Mr. James insists that they interview a “business visionary” named Tom P. Baxter.

The interview goes something like this…

Catherine: I realize no one can actually predict the future, but I understand you have a unique insight into where we might be headed as we approach the turn of the century.

Tom: Yeah I do. As I see it Catherine, the future of business, well the future of this country in fact is… computers.

Catherine: Computers. Okay, would you care to elaborate on that?

Tom: Oh, you bet! I think computers are great! You can keep records on them, play games, they’re, well they’re like magic.

Catherine: Uh-huh…

Tom: I mean I don’t have one yet. But I’m gonna get one, you better believe that.

Catherine: What exactly do you do for a living Tom?

Tom: Well I’m between things right now, but all that’s gonna change just as soon as I get a computer!

Now click the link below and see if the Internet guru talking about the iPhone reminds you of anything.

‘I’ll be constantly connected, anywhere I am’ [Guardian]