The Stripping Weather Girl Weather Station brings us one step closer to God

When a man becomes preeminent he’s expected to have enthusiasms. What are mine? What draws my admiration? What is that which gives me joy? Weather stations featuring LCD clip art of sexy women in states of undress. Why? They are beautiful, charming, and refuse to comply with the color/grayscale world in which we live. They strip down to bikinis when its warm and dress up — baring enough navel to to do two or three pitchers of beer off of — when it’s cold, even picking up a parasol on rainy days.

How much will such joy cost you? About $70. But remember: there is so much hatred in this world right now, so much pain, so much grief. Wouldn’t an LCD stripping weather girl help assuage even an iota of that? Wouldn’t the Palestine crisis be a bit less unnerving? Wouldn’t our war with Ira* be one step further away if both sides woke to this in the morning? Wouldn’t global warming reverse its murderous course and return us to paradise? I think will, friends, if we believe it will.

Stripping Weather Girl Weath Station [Coolest Gadgets]