Another expensive way to get the internet in your car


I have a friend who spent the better part of the last three years of his life driving all over the country teaching people about bearings.

Whether or not I actually completely understand what that means is irrelevant but what amazes me most is that he didn’t have satellite radio or some sort of in-car computer to keep himself entertained.

I might have considered purchasing this, had it been me traveling every road in this here land. It’s a $500 router that hooks up to Sprint’s EVDO network (at $59 per month) to provide your car with its own wireless network that’s “reliable at over 100 mph.”

However, there’s also the possibility of using your EVDO-enabled phone’s Bluetooth connection to provide internet access to a Nokia N-series device or some sort of UMPC affixed to your dashboard. That’d be significantly less expensive (the 770 would, at least) but you wouldn’t be as cool as the guy providing a 300-foot wide wireless network all along I-80.

WAAV AirBox Cellular Routers []