GeekBrief.TV #252

We shot Brief #252 at Abilene Christian University  where we were two of the judges at their annual student film festival.  It’s an amazing school that loves technology and wants to understand how to embrace it more.  On this Brief I try to explain the premise behind Joss Whedon’s new series on FOX.  Joss is a genius and the new show is called Dollhouse.  I also cover a new of wearable display called Teleglass T4-N.  They look better than any I’ve seen before.

A GBTV viewer who disagrees with my open Apple bias, pointed out that I failed to cover Apple’s cash only policy on iPhones.  He was right.  I think the policy is wrong and should be changed.
A new commenting plug-in called Intense Debate  is being de-bugged and quickly improved by it’s developers.  You can see it in action down below.
Wal-Mart and Best Buy both announced they would sell a Toshiba HD A2 HD-DVD player  for under $100.  After we shot this episode, I was able to pick one up at the local Wal-Mart.  Best Buy was slammed with orders and started offering a higher end model for the same price.
Did you know Sony makes a Ramen Noodle radar system?