Comcast sez increased competition may bring rate hikes

fcc The FCC is attempting to make way for a little competition in the cable industry by enforcing new rules banning exclusivity deals between apartment owners and companies like Time Warner and Comcast. This would, in effect, grant those of us who live in apartments the option of choosing from more than one cable company, which would, in turn, potentially lead to lower prices (as much as 30% lower) brought on by increased competition.

Kevin J. Martin, chairman of the FCC, said, “Exclusive contracts have been one of the most significant barriers to competition,” citing that cable prices have risen approximately 93% (!) in the last decade.

So what’s Comcast’s reaction to this? It’s basically said that this new rule will result in price increases because it’ll cost money to compete with other services and it’ll cost money to fight this in court. According to Techdirt…

“The following statement may be attributed to Sena Fitzmaurice, [Comcast] Senior Director of Corporate Communications and Government Relations: ‘Consumers in apartment buildings and condos across the nation received a blow today from the action taken by the FCC. The result of this decision is likely to be higher prices for services and years of litigation and uncertainty for consumers. The significant concessions building owners have been able to bargain for on behalf of their residents will be lost.'”

What? The action taken by the FCC is a blow to consumers? You blow. Quit raking us over the coals and quit trying to make it seem like you’re on our side here.

Corporate Doublespeak: By Forcing Competition On The Market, We Will Need To Raise Prices [Techdirt]