The Samsung Katalyst defines mediocrity

I’m not sure whether to blame T-Mobile or Samsung for the constant barrage of crappy phones coming out nowadays. Take for instance, the recently leaked Samsung Katalyst which will debut on T-Mobile. I bet money that the phone will either be a freebie or $49.99 for new customers as it’s so basic, I can’t even fathom why anyone else would want it. Oh, right. T-Mobile stuck WiFi in it for its @Home service. Big whoop.

Take a second here and think. What makes the Katalyst different than say, the T629 from Samsung (@Home WiFi aside)? Almost nothing! They both have Bluetooth, a shitty 1.3-megapixel camera like all Samsung phones, and an “MP3 player” plus an IM client. Right now, the T629 is T-Mobile’s freebie phone, so I’m guessing the Katalyst will be it’s successor. If you can read this webpage, then you’ll know exactly what features the Katalyst will have.

Follow AT&T’s move and try getting some killer phones in your lineup, T-Mo’. No, another HTC phone does not count.

T-Mobile’s Samsung Katalyst [BGR]