Why Leopard Isn't Better Than Vista

Leopard hasn’t been out a week and already the Microsoft fanboys are starting to bash away. Take for instance, an article I found called “Why Leopard Isn’t Better Than Vista” written for eWeek and posted on Neowin. Now if the domain names aren’t biased enough, think about what this guy is saying. Vista is better than Leopard. That’s like saying your 1988 Hyundai is better than my 2004 Jaguar because you have AC and I have climate control.

The article starts off with the following sentence:

Apple’s newest operating system is at best an evolution from predecessor Tiger.

It then launches into a rant regarding Cisco VPN, Apple Mail and a truckload of utter nonsense. The only valid point I’ll give this man is that Safari is seriously boinked and needs to be fixed immediately. If you Mac fans want to scream at your monitor, click ahead. If you Windows users want to have a good read and maybe get a little excited, well, click ahead.

Why Leopard Isn’t Better than Vista [Microsoft Watch]