China pirates games like it's 1999

When searching for pirates on Google, this guy came up. I’m still giggling.

We allude to piracy here every so often. The Chinese pirate like its their job. A former Microsoft employee explained what’s what in the world of Chinese video game piracy. Not only is it out in the open, but it’s so easy even a caveman could do it.

Game piracy reflects general video game sales: the Xbox 360 is cracked wide open with games available even at the “We don’t sell video games” store; the whole Nintendo DS library can be bought on a DVD for around $12; few people pirate PS3 games because the PS3 isn’t as in demand there. All shocking facts, to be sure.

I remember once when I was 13, my uncle took me to a store in Chinatown where I was able to buy Final Fantasy VIII, just released in Japan and not available here for another several months. I paid $20 for the pirated copy. (It was selling for around $80 on various import sites.) And yes, I played that game from start to finish, not knowing a single word of Japanese, though I did eventually figure out the characters for “fire,” “attack” and the like.

Stay in school, kids.

The State of Next-Gen Piracy in China – A Report from Frank Yu [PlayNoEvil via Xbox-Scene]