INgrooves Music Screensavers available this November

trebblecleft.jpgEmdigo has partnered with INgrooves to launch the INgrooves Music Screensaver this November. The screensavers will be available on Verizon and Alltel Wireless for $2.99 per download. The application animates artists in 3D with the artists’ music when the phone is flipped open. Top artists Tila Tequila, Too Short and B Legit are part of the initial offering.

“By combining our catalogue of music artists and images with Emdigo’s proprietary mobile content development technology, we are able to bring music fans a completely new and unique type of mobile phone content featuring our artists and animated graphics,” said Adam Hiles, INgrooves COO. “We¹re proud to be leading off our partnership offering with Tila Tequila, Too Short and B Legit as our initial featured artists.”

The INgrooves Music Screensaver includes a catalog of artists by genre, 15 second audio clips of featured songs, photos of artists, album cover artwork and interactive 3D animated avatars of the top 10 artists per genre that can be saved as screensavers.

“Emdigo¹s partnership with INgrooves allows us to bring a new and entertaining visual element to music content for mobile,” said Steve Gleitsmann, president of Emdigo. “Our animated 3D graphics paired with music from INgrooves is merely the beginning of our plans to expand our efforts in the music space. Through partnerships like this one with
INgrooves, Emdigo continues to strive towards improving the content available on mobile today.”