Comcasts says it only 'delays' BitTorrent traffic, doesn't block it

Comcast, in responding to last week’s AP investigation that found it blocks BitTorrent traffic, said today it only “delays” the traffic and doesn’t outright block it. You know, like picking up a phone and getting a busy signal. Right…

Ladies and germs, if you believe that line of rubbish you should be ashamed of yourself.

The Philly-based company said it has a “responsibility to provide all of our customers with a good Internet experience and we use the latest technologies to manage our network so that they can continue to enjoy these applications.” And what, exactly, constitutes “good”? Wouldn’t, I don’t know, being able to use the Blizzard updater effectively be “good”?

I really, really hope the more mainstream (i.e. not tech-specific) press picks up on this nonsense and someone holds Comcast accountable.

Comcast: We’re Delaying, Not Blocking, BitTorrent Traffic [NY Times Bits Blog]