CrunchDeals: Pure, unbridled intimidation for under $7


Sick of people not taking you seriously at Wii brawls? Show ’em you mean business with your very own aluminum carrying case for your Wii-mote and Nunchuck.

It’s stylish AND functional, according to the Computer Geeks website.

"Carry your Wii remote control with you in style with this luxury aluminum carry case! When not in use put your Wii remote control in the luxury case and protect your remote control from harmful elements. It’s made from aluminum material and is lightweight and easy to carry."

Aluminum material. Nice. That’s the best kind of aluminum you can get. It won’t break the bank to let the world know you’re serious about the Wii, though, as this case will only set you back $6.50 plus shipping. is one of my favorite sites, by the way. Good stuff.

Luxury Aluminum Carry Case for Wii Remote Control []