New Jersey Transit to tell riders to keep their voices down while on cellphone

Thank you, New Jersey Transit. The organization will start a campaign later this month telling riders to shut up and respect their fellow passengers, castigating them for talking LOUDLY on their cellphone and listening to music LOUDLY on their iPods (and for spreading their bags and whatnot over multiple seats).

I don’t know how many of you take public transportation, but after a long day of writing about gadgets and studying the role of the media in checking the president’s ability to effectively lead the country during times of crisis, there is nothing more aggrivating than hearing some dude’s awful, truly dreadful music blasting through his earbuds. I’m all in favor of throwing these inconsiderate jerks off the train and having everyone sit there quietly like we’re in the movie “Pleasantville,” but at least the NJ Transit is moving in the right direction.

NJ Transit Takes Aim At Rider Rudeness [WCBS via Drudge]