Rolex will never do a phone, LG or otherwise

I may not be a smart man, but I do know watch companies and there is no way Rolex and LG are teaming up to make a phone. It appears that TechDigest got to see a “Rolex” mock-up at an LG design facility with a real Rolex watch embedded in the phone face. Rolex has too much time, money, and goodwill invested in its brand to even consider trying something like this — let Armani and Prada sell lifestyle electronics. Just don’t think Rolex ever would.

Companies like Rolex control their brand with an iron fist. They’re not in the business of licensing their brands to other companies — the make and sell their own products in a very controlled way. I’d say with 99% certainty that it will never happen.

Korea/Japan Week: LG reveals concept Rolex mobile phone [TechDigest]