iTunes Digital Release cards at Starbucks: Eddie Veder (and theft encouragement!)

Walk into a Starbucks lately? Walk into a Starbucks and hear a borderline emo song and think to yourself, damn, I need that song in my iPod, p-r-o-n-t-o? Who hasn’t! Now the coffee chain is hawking iTunes Digital Release cards, cards that can be redeemed for album downloads including Eddie Veder’s latest hotness.

Old news? Only just, since now there’s pictures of what the cards look like. I mean, I’ve been staring at the cards every morning for the past couple of days and never thought to take a picture. Sleep, friends, lest you become a non-functional boob like myself.

And speaking of Starbucks, look, I mean to give away their iTunes song of the day, but I can’t give away anything if my local store doesn’t give me the cards, now can I? Funnily enough, a few hours after I gave away that Joni Mitchel song, I saw a stack of the cards completely unattended at a different store. Might as well just steal ’em in that case. (Remember tilting Pepsi bottles to ensure yours came with a free iTunes song? Same principle here.)

Starbucks’ iTunes Digital Releases and Plus 2 Cards [iLounge]