Help Crash the System

Here’s a fun contest for you gamer types. G8 makes gamer apparel — I know, you’re thinking Depends and one of those Camelbak water systems are all you need, but you do have to leave the house sometimes. To that end, they’ve decided to offer us some goodies to give away. I have one “Crash the System” tee that will go to one lucky commentator who writes something tasty under in the comments and a $100 gift certificate to the man, woman, or child who clicks through to read the rules.

To win the tee, just comment below using your real email address and we’ll pick one winner at random. Want to make my life easier? Include your shirt size. To win the $100 gift certificate, however, we want to see some dedication to the cause. Go to the G8Brand website and find the name of one of their other shirts. Email that name to contest@crunchgear dot com with the subject line “I G8 YOU” and we’ll pick another winner at random. Ideally we’ll be able to crash G8’s system by sending them a lot of traffic, thereby adding an ironic twist to this entire endeavor. Good luck.

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