Dillard's to begin testing RFID system

Back in high school, I worked at a Banana Republic part-time. One of the most common problems was running out of a certain article of clothing and having to direct customers to other stores, which in turn lost us business, which in turn meant less hours to work. Dillard’s is looking to change all that though (or at least the whole running out of stock thing) by testing out a new RFID pilot program in stores this month.

Certain styles of clothing will have a special RFID tag that contains garment and inventory information. When the clothes are purchased, the tags are removed and the store’s inventory system is automatically updated to reflect the purchase. This way, Dillard’s can keep better track of its inventory and always have what customers want, thus resulting in improved sales and more revenue. No word on which locations will be participating in the pilot.

Dillard’s to begin RFID pilot program [RD Design]