Deluo intros mouse with GPS receiver

Since today is Columbus Day, I thought it’d be appropriate to cover some news related to maps, cartography and/or GPS. I bet Columbus himself wished he had Deluo’s new travel mouse, which comes equipped with a GPS unit for some odd reason. Really, I have a hard time figuring out why someone would need this. Maybe a child who’s flying alone? Spying on your kids? The possibilities are endless.

Worried that your laptop battery will die instantly ’cause of the GPS receiver? There’s a switch on the mouse for turning it on and off, so you’re good in that department. Expect the mouse to be out in six weeks or so for $99.99 or $129.99 if you want Microsoft Streets and Trips 2008 with it.

Deluo MouseGPS doubles as mouse, GPS receiver [Slippery Brick]