Is Philip DeFranco The Heir To The ZeFrank Crown?

Ever since the arguably very popular ZeFrank finished his daily “The Show” earlier this year, I’ve been trying to find a decent Ze Frank alternative, a video blog that is short, sharp and hoepfully funny as well.

I’ve had a couple of tips recently that Philip DeFranco might fit the bill, and NewTeeVee included DeFranco on their list of ZeFrank successors yesterday.

Perhaps being a Saturday, and desperately trying find something more to write about than Facebook’s plans for world domination something to do with music (that know one really knows for sure what it is but it still hit the top of Techmeme anyway), I spent some time watching The Philip DeFranco Show.

He’s actually pretty good.

DeFranco has the whole ZeFrank quick delivery down-pat, and the content is fairly good. It’s a little more raw in terms of language than ZeFrank was so it will offend some people, but that aside the kid has talent.

A full backlog on DeFranco’s videos can be found here. I’ve subscribed; let’s hope he keeps up the good work and it might end up becoming this years “The Show with ZeFrank.”