ASUS Xonar U1 external USB audio scrubber


These look like very old-school flying saucers, the broken down wobbly ones that low-income aliens fly. To be fair, such technology is still far more advanced than tooling around in a Honda Element all day, so let’s cut poor Zanzork some slack.

Anyway, in a desperate attempt to get back on track I’d like to tell you that the devices listed above are not spacecraft. They are external USB audio devices that eliminate surrounding electromagnetic interference and use a digital to analog converter to clean up whatever sounds or music emanate from your laptop.

The internal technology is provided by a little company known as Dolby, which includes Prologic IIx support. You’ll also get EAX and DirectSound support standard as well.

Still a little fuzzy on the details but it looks like there are perhaps two headphone jacks on the front there, so bring a friend and ask if he can stay for dinner. Pricing and availability is even fuzzier but it looks like these might be Japan-only for now.

ASUS Xonar U1- Stylish External USB audio device with EAX Support []