Make a Phone Call from Mt. Everest

everest_west_view_400.jpgMobileCrunch reported yesterday that mobile networks now cover 80% of the world’s population and the coverage is expected to reach 90% by 2010. (See: dotMobi Advisory Group to Help Developing Countries). Soon, mobile coverage will come to the world’s highest mountain. If you have ever wanted to call someone from Mt. Everest you may be able to in the near future.

China Mobile has hired Huawei Technologies to install a GSM Base Station on Mt. Everest. The base station will be positioned at 6,500 meters and can run on solar power. The base will be positioned so communication can be made between base camps and the main rout to Everest’s summit. It will be able to communicate with satellites, so a call from the mountain can reach almost anywhere on the globe. The installation should be ready for the Beijing Olympics 2008 Torch Relay Team which will reach the top of the mountain for the opening ceremony.

Imagine climbing to the top of Everest, and as you try to catch your breath, the spouse calls, reminding you to bring back a gallon of Yak’s milk on the way home. Technology is grand.

China Mobile
Huawei Technologies