Zune 2: Can someone tell me what 'you make it you' means?

If I have one problem with the Zune 2 (other than not working too well with my iMac), it’s the new slogan—”you make it you.” What does that even mean, Microsoft? I make it me or you make it me? (Or I make it you?) Last year, you [Microsoft; let’s not get confused here] welcomed us to the social, whatever the hell that is/was. Now I (or me, or someone else… maybe even you!) am (is?) are making something—the Zune 2 I guess—mine. Or yours. I don’t know. I’ve already lost interest.

Methinks some of the slogans in consumer electronics are too cool for the room and end up sounding like complete nonsense. Like this post.

Hey marketing guys, please stop trying to impress us with short, pithy phrases that, in the end, mean nothing to the consumer. Take “you make it you” out of the context of zune.net—say, on a billboard without a picture of the Zune accompanying it—and what does it mean to the average person?

Not a damn thing.