Could be: BlackBerry 9000 to have stateside 3G, due early next year

Some spotty details on the upcoming BlackBerry 9xxx for you this Zune-tastic Wednesday. (Zune-tastic in that there’s been a lot of Zune news, not that I’m pro or against Microsoft, the Zune, Zune 2, or any of its subsidiaries or shareholders.) Does full-on, HSDPA 3G sound good to you? What about a 600MHz processor, hopefully eliminating the lag that plagues certain BlackBerry models? /me Waves to the 8800, laggy so-and-so. Oh, and this photo, care of Boy Genius. RIM is also said to be looking at hooking the 9xxx up with a backup-everything-to-memory-card feature, no doubt allaying the worst fears of middle managers everywhere.

An early 2008 release looks to be in the cards. Maybe. You know how these things go. They go awry.

BlackBerry 9000 whispers in our ear [Boy Genius Report]