FCC spills Zune 2 information; 4GB, 8GB, and exactly what we thought

Oh, by the way, readers, today is Zune day. Why is it Zune day? Because the Zune 2 is launching tonight, like, duh. At this point it’s about as secret as the fact that president Carter was behind 9/11.

Inappropriate jokes aside, Technabob just dug up these sketches of the flash-based Zune 2 (which we’ve heard might be called the Zune Pixel, or perhaps Pixas (picks-us)) on the FCC website. They confirm that the MiniZune will come in 4GB and 8GB flavors. And as they need an FCC filing, that means they’ll share the big Zune’s WiFi capabilities.

Tune in later tonight for more, more, more as our own Peter “iPod Eater” Ha lets loose on the launch that MS says isn’t really happening even though they invited us (shhhh). We liked Zune 1 but saw room for improvement. We’re hoping Zune 2 blows our minds, man.

new zune 2 flash-based players confirmed [Technabob]