Betavoltaic Battery: It's probably a pump and dump scam

I had a moment to mull over this “30-year laptop battery story” and I’m slowly coming to the conclusion that it’s a pump and dump scheme of nefarious proportions. Penny stock companies that promise “unlimited energy” and “cures for cancer” often try to build a case for their stock by getting a piece in the legitimate media. As this is getting harder — there’s so little legitimate media anymore! — they may have found a receptive and gullible audience, us bloggers.

Searching for Betavoltaic, I found lots of companies in the space that are trading in the pennies. This means it’s in someone’s best interest to raise that price by a few cents, dump, and watch as it settles into oblivion. I want to believe this is possible as well, but I there is little corroborating evidence.