BlackBerry 8130 nows works on CDMA networks: Verizon or Sprint-bound

The BlackBerry Pearl 8130 now works on CDMA networks, opening the door to Verizon Wireless and/or Sprint picking it up in the near future. It’s more or less the same Pearl that’s been around for a while now. CDMA users can look forward to a 2-megapixel camera, “normal” 3.5mm headphone jack (meaning you can plug in your regular headphones), built-in GPS, the works.

In other words, a BlackBerry.

I wouldn’t exactly call myself a BlackBerry addict—excuse me, “CrackBerry”—, but I’ll admit to freaking the F— out every time it vibrates while I’m in class. “Oh God, what reader have I upset now with my nonsense ramblings?”

Product Page [RIM]