Update Bricks Hacked iPhones, Kills Kittens

Possible results of updating your iPhone .

Over the past few weeks Apple’s stance on hacked and modified iPhone software has drastically shifted from “do as you please” to a full on blow to the nuts earlier today. Although the iTunes WiFi music store is included in the update, users are reporting SIM errors when the device is used with anything other than AT&T. There are some worthy updates for those of you who have kept your iPhone un-messed-around-with, such as a louder speaker phone, updated keyboard features, bug fixes, and of course the music store. The quick music controls of the iPod Touch are also included and can be accessed by double clicking the home button.

1.1.1 is also available for the iPod Touch but, aside from improved interface and accelerometer responsiveness, doesn’t sport any noteworthy features.

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