Sharp's BD-HDW20: Dual Layer Blu-ray, Dual TV Tuner

Sharp, that Japanese maker of things, has now added a dual layer, dual TV tuner Blu-ray recorder to its lineup. For good measure, Sharp also threw in a 1GB hard drive. Sure, why not? It’ll carry the BD-HDW20 moniker (a BD-W20 also exist, but has only one TV tuner and can only record onto single layer Blu-ray discs) and should carry a price of around… well, Akihabara lists the price at 1,800 Euros, but given the dollar’s near-worthlessness nowadays, I fully expect it to cost well over $8 million when it comes out here.

Like most of you (I assume), I still haven’t taken the Blu-ray or HD DVD plunge. My reasons range from the illegal (high-def rips are free) to the practical (I’ve never been a “movie guy,” so there’s little to no point in buying a unit that I won’t use).

Two tuners, though… that is 100 percent more than one tuner…

Press Release [Sharp via Akihabara News]