Vertu Releases Another Ferrari Phone


The iPhone or a black N95 from Europe are certainly too rich for my blood and I’m pretty sure I’ve seen the uber rich with either on more than occasion, so I have to wonder who wants to buy a phone from Vertu. Ferraris are very cool cars, but I feel it extremely unnecessary to commemorate the 60th anniversary with a limited edition phone. The Ascent Ferrari 60 will yield only 60 units and it’s clad in titanium and leather, which is the same leather used in the Italian ponies. You also get a valve from one of the F1 cars, a Vertu Aerius Bluetooth headset and a service package that allows for a tune-up every six months. Said tune-up entails the replacement of the leather and whatever else your phone may need.

Vertu Ascent Ferrari 60 Limited Edition [Syrabites]