Ultra Products Reduces Some Clutter With Stackables


Having enough real estate on our desks/work stations is a problem that everyone and anyone can relate to. It’s even worse when you’re a geek who has 2+ monitors, multiple external HDDs, USB hubs and whatever else a geek feels necessary. So I’m pretty happy that Ultra Products has announced the Stackables computer peripherals line of products that consist of a 3.5-inch HDD enclosure (USB 2.0, USB 2.0+Firewire, USB 2.0+E-sata), all-in-1 card reader and USB hub, seven-port USB hub and a 180W multi-outlet power center. It doesn’t solve all your needs, but at least it makes a bit more room for some of your goods. The enclosure retails for $59.99, the card reader and USB hub goes for $49.99, while the other two aren’t available, yet.