Tech Worker Falls Into Vat Of Acid, Father Finds Remains

If a man dies and he works in a circuit board factory, it’s news in the world of technology.

Poor 18-year-old Fernando Jimenez Gonzalez was working at a circuit board factory when he became overwhelmed by the toxic fumes he was stirring. The sulfuric acid was so strong, it caused him to faint and fall into the vat, thus destroying his body and flesh in horrific detail.

It gets worse though. No one knew the boy fell into vat of acid, so when he didn’t come home around 2AM on Sunday, his father went searching for him and found him. Extremely tragic considering the worst thing that’ll happen to us on the job is a broken iPhone or strained wrist. No word yet on why Fernando wasn’t wearing protective gear.

Tech worker dies in vat of sulfuric acid []