Woot Joins The Social, Gets Beaten Up


Woot, purveyor of all that is discount gadgetry, is receiving a healthy amount of backlash from its customers because it continues to slash the price of Zune media players. The white Zune first showed up a month or so ago and $150 was a great deal on a sub-par device. I have one and it’s not that great, which is how I feel about my iPod, too, so don’t think I’m hating on MS for fun.

Anyhoo, the current price of today’s Woot is $130, which is $20 less than when it first showed up and because enough Wooters wrote nasty e-mails to Larry he’s decided to give the early adopters a $10 credit. There is one stipulation to the credit, though. It has to go towards the purchase of any item greater than $40. That’s easy enough. So if you purchased a Zune on August 22 or during the last Woot Off then enter Bumpyroad the next time you make a purchase.